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Helping Those In Need

 Lucy Usoyan

Lucy Usoyan

Ms. Lucy Usoyan is an Ezidi activist hailing from Armenia, fluent in Armenia, Kurdish and English. 

She is the founder and president of the Ezidi Relief Fund, an advocacy and humanitarian organization for refugees and internal displaced person (IDPs) in Kurdish regions of Turkey and Syria. 

She has attended numerous conferences and other events to inform the public of the Ezidis throughout their history including the recent mass murder and terror carried out by ISIS.  

Galina Chenina

Ms. Galina Chenina is SVP of Strategy for the Ezidi Relief Fund. 

She has led humanitarian efforts across the world in various organizations helping orphans, directing international humanitarian centers, providing disaster relief in afflicted areas in the United States and globally. 

She believes in empowering people to achieve a greater sense of self-reliance, increased family values, and a determination to keep moving forward. 

Galina Chenina

Jacob Brewer

Jacob Brewer 

Mr. Jacob Brewer is the SVP of Operations for the Ezidi Relief Fund. 

He has a deep passion for the Middle East and its people. 

Having seen on multiple occasions the war-inflicted psychological traumas, Mr. Brewer developed a resolution to keep finding opportunities to establish peace and cross-cultural understanding among nations. 

Our Mission

Empower women and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to overcome the burdens of deprivation and to rebuild their lives, through collaboration with local NGO's.

  • Re-unification of separated family members through financial assistance and/or physical relocation.
  • Medical and educational assistance to local orphanages.
  • Gynecological assistance for liberated women.
  • Psychological support for abused women and children, to oppose victim-blaming stigma.
  • Partnership with local NGO's with specialized services is utilized to accomplish the mission.

Specific Project Requirements.

Through collaboration with the local NGO's established a secure route to access the hard to reach areas thus providing much needed medical supplies and non-perishable food items.

Local NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations.

  • Kurdish Red Cresent. (Medical, educational assistance)
  • Star Union. (Women Organization)
  • Nopel Orphanage in Afrin.
  • Human Rights Organization.