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"...no war can stop children from birth..."

In the war torn region of Rojava, a woman gives birth to a child without even soap to wash her baby, and there is no pre-natal or post-natal care. 

The hospitals in Rojava are unable now to provide the most basic care, as there is no medication available with which to treat. 

The population of over three million people in Rojava, a population that is always changing due to wartime conditions and the constant influx of new refugees, there are only two hospitals and three rudimentary health facilities often furnished with obsolete medical equipment. The lack of medical staff and ambulance increases mortality. The critical shortage of medication, equipment, and staff prevents basic medical intervention in the face of contagious life threatening diseases such as Malaria, Typhus, Rabis, and Tropical Sores.

Please help us provide urgently needed medical supplies by donating today.