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"When I walked into that building and saw pages of some
books, I thought where are those children?"

The destructed building had a story. I closed my eyes and imagined this was a classroom full of children... the teacher right there trying really hard to keep children's attention on the new topic... 

Then I opened my eyes and all I could see was remains of the bombed school.

I want to rebuild this school. I want to be able to walk into this building and actually see the children and the teacher in that same room!"

-Robert Rose

Robert Rose found those children in a temporary "school" facility.

He said: "The most adorable thing to hear is Good Morning in English from these little children! They knew I would come to visit them and prepared themselves to greet me." 

In Kanya Kurdi, a Kurdish town in Rojava, children are left without a school. They had a school in the past, but they had to walk for 2.5 miles to reach their school...

Robert Rose is from New York City and has traveled to Rojava several times. He has raised awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region and has done what he could on his own, but now he wants to build schools for children in Rojava.

Since education is a top priority for us, we are here to support Mr. Rose with his project. For the first time ever, every minority group in the Rojava region is allowed to learn in their own language at school. Assyrians, Arabs, Kurds and Armenians are speaking and learning their language, as well as English and French, at temporary schools. It is a rare opportunity for us to support this project. 

Donate today to help us provide desks, books, and supplies for Rojava's school children. 


Schools in Rojava.

Temporary School

The temporary school for children in Kanya Kurdi.

Children are trying to count in the Kurdish Language.

Location of Temporary School

The location of the temporary school.

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